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> What happens if I want to delete my Facebook account?


> Will I get my money back if a Event is canceled?

> My event was canceled or postponed. What should I do?

> How do I get information about canceled or postponed events?


> Will I receive a shipping confirmation e-mail?

> How do I know the shipping status of my order?

> What if my tickets get lost in the mail?

> Can I change my shipping address after ordering?

> What if the purchased tickets do not arrive?

> How long will it take to get the ticket?


> Can I contact the seller?

> Where can I report a problem about my order?

> Why do I have to give my address if I want to buy e-tickets?

> What are the payment options?

> Can I change my shipping address after ordering?

> Will I receive an invoice?

> I received a wrong or invalid ticket - what now?

> Can I also resell tickets bought at KaufmeinTicket?

> Can I return or cancel my ticket?


> Is there any extra cost if I buy a ticket?

> What are the costs of selling a ticket on KaufmeinTicket?

Selling Tickets

> How do I set prices for my tickets?

> Can it happen that only some of my tickets are sold?

> How do I offer my tickets for sale at KaufmeinTicket?

> Can I resell my personalized ticket?

> How do I know which of my tickets is sold?

> How do I know that my ticket is sold?

> I want to keep my tickets myself - is that possible?

> When will I get paid?

> How can I change an advertisment?

> The tickets I want to sell are not adjacent seats. Can I sell them on KaufmeinTicket?

> How can I remove an advertisement?

> How do I sell eTickets?

> Do I have to use the shipping method by Deutsche Post?

> When do I have to send out the hard tickets?

> When do I have to send out the hard tickets?

> How do I sell hard/paper tickets for an event?


> How can I delete my account?

> How can I register at KaufmeinTicket?

> I do not own a Facebook or Paypal account. Can I use KaufmeinTicket?

Request event

> I can't find the event that I would like to sell my ticket for. What now?